• Salon Hours

    Tues-Sat 9am to 7pm

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*Do not bring guests, including children with you, that are not being serviced.

*No eating in the common areas of the salon.

*Quiet on the cell phone! Use headphones with electronic devices.


* We do not double book and try to see you at or close to your appointment time.  If you will be late or unable to keep your appointment, let us know.

* Have your style taken out, combed out & ready to be shampooed.  If the stylist has to take out a style or your hair requires extensive detangling, an extra charge will apply.



– Late Fee  $10

– No Call/No Show Fee $25


Our services are for those with:

*All Natural Hair or

*Transitioning clients with at least as much natural hair as relaxed hair & willing to trim as hair grows.

*We reserve the right to refuse services*



We PREFER PLASTIC  for services & products. We accept Cash, Debit & Credit Cards.