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Hair and Scalp Treatments

Hair and scalp treatments are designed to address problems with dandruff, dry scalp, or damaged hair due to environmental stress and over-processing.


Deep Conditioner
A deep conditioning treatment applied to the hair and scalp before sitting under a hooded dryer for 15-25 minutes. *This is an add-on service*

Activated Charcoal Treatment

Activated Charcoal treatments are wonderful! They deep clean the hair and detoxify the scalp while leaving hair so soft and moisturized. Treatments can be done with or without heat or steam.

Protein Treatment
A restorative protein treatment- ideal for shedding, color-treated and/or damaged hair. *This is an add-on service*

Hot Oil Treatment

Hydration Therapy

A deep conditioning process for those with natural hair challenges such as color treated, dry, brittle, over processed hair and scalp ailments. Steam therapy is a 15-30 minute process that helps to achieve and maintain healthy natural hair.

The Works:


Exfoliation, Scalp Massage, Detox, & Ayurvedic Treatment

Recommended every 6 weeks to help reverse hair loss and stimulate growth.
- Includes a 15 minutes scalp massage with exfoliators and essential oils to lift dirt, product built up, dead skin cells & unclog pores.
- Detox with a activated charcoal to pull toxins, fight bacteria, fungus, mold and sebum overgrowth.
- Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment with bhringraj, brahmi, alma, etc to nourish and stimulate hair follicles.
***This treatment includes "Wash Day" twists for twistout***
"Woosah" Me Time:

Treatment & Trim (Hair is styled in "Wash Day" Twists), Aromatherapy, Ambient Music & Lighting, Hand Moisturizing Gloves, Complimentary Hot Coffee/Tea.......Woosah!!!!

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